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The M&A Process for Startups and Growth Companies

Mergers and acquisitions aren’t exactly an everyday process for most startups. They only come around occasionally, and are typically full of complex issues many business leaders have never encountered before.

And that includes finance experts. Many seasoned CFOs have never had to deal with a serious M&A. It can be confusing and nerve-wracking, and can take the enjoyment out of what should be a very exciting time for your business.

So I’m here to shed some light on the M&A process. Despite being complex, mergers and acquisitions tend to follow a familiar pattern, with key checkpoints along the way. We’ll examine these in this article, and I’ll add some helpful advice as we go.

In particular, we’re looking at the process from the seller’s point of view. As a startup CEO or CFO, what do you need to know when you’re thinking about selling the business or finding new financing through M&A? …

You will find the full article here:

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